Update your campground settings

  1. From your owner dashboard, click on ‘Store Settings’
  2. In this section, you will see the following fields:
    • Vendor Logo
      • This will appear next to your campground name on your profile page.
    • Vendor Profile
      • You can edit this short description which will appear underneath the campground name on your profile page.
    • Vendor Email
      • This is the email address to which you want to be receiving important communication, such as new order notifications.
    • PayPal Email
      • Your payments are sent to the PayPal account associated with the email address in this field.
    • Commission
      • This field is not editable and is set by Crossfire.Network. It is there to show you the percentage of sales which are paid to you.
    • Timezone
      • You can adjust the timezone to your liking.