Manage campsite attributes

Attributes are the “meat” of your campsite product. They are the details your customers want to search on and know before booking. Take your time to carefully add each attribute listed below for all of your campsites.

How to add a product attribute

  1. In a new or existing campsite product, you will see the ‘Attributes’ tab under the ‘Product data’ section (between ‘Linked Products’ and ‘Availability’)
  2. Click to open the tab section
  3. In the dropdown ‘Custom product attribute’, select a predefined option (i.e. ‘Check-In Time’)
  4. Click ‘Add’
    • A new section will appear for that particular attribute
  5. In the ‘Values’ box where it says ‘Select terms’, add the applicable term(s).
    • You do not need to manually type each answer. Simply click into the box to see the predefined responses to choose from.
    • Some attributes will only require one answer (i.e. water hookups, yes or no), while others might require multiple answers (i.e. electric hookups, 30amp and 50amp).
  6. Leave the ‘Visible on the product page’ checkbox checked. This ensures your customers can easily view the information.
  7. **IMPORTANT** All of the predefined product attributes must be added and answered in order for your campsite to successfully be listed. A description of each attribute is listed below for your reference.
  8. Once finished, click on ‘Save attributes’

List of product attributes

  • Age Restriction
  • Amenities
  • Check-In Time
  • Check-Out Time
  • Climate
  • Distance to Walmart
  • Electric
  • Price Range
  • Sewer
  • Type of Hookups
  • Site Type
  • Site Length
  • Site Width
  • State
  • Type of Campground
  • Type of Ground