Manage campsite persons

**Note** These settings will not appear when you initially create a new campsite product. The ‘Persons’ tab will only show after Crossfire.Network approval.

  1. From the specific campsite product you would like to edit, click on the ‘Persons’ tab in the ‘Product data’ section.
  2. The following fields will appear:
    • Min persons
      • Here you can set a minimum number of people required to book the campsite. Leave as 0 to not enforce any minimum.
    • Max persons
      • Here you can set a maximum number of people per booking. For example, if set to ‘2’, then parties of 3 or more will not be able to book the campsite.
    • Multiply all costs by person count
      • Checking this box will multiply the set nightly cost of the campsite by each person. If you already include 2 or more people in the base cost of your campsite, then you would want to leave this box unchecked.
    • Count persons as bookings
      • In most cases, this box should remain unchecked. If checked, it will subtract availability from your campsite based on the number of people in a booking. For example, if a customer selects 2 people in their party, then effectively 2 bookings would be made for the same campsite.
    • Enable person types
      • Checking this box will display a new section that will allow you to create different costs for different types of customers. See below for additional details.

Ticking the ‘Enable person types’ checkbox will display the above fields. Here, you can identify different types of customers (i.e. Adults and Children). You can also use it to have an extra cost for additional people. Let’s look at an example:

  1. Extra cost for additional people
    1. In ‘Person Type Name’ enter what you would like the field to be shown as for your customers (i.e. Additional people above 2)
    2. In ‘Base Cost’, enter the cost of the person type. For this example, $5.
    3. ‘Block Cost’ can be left alone in this case
    4. In the ‘Description’ field, enter the cost which will display to customers (i.e. $5/person)
    5. ‘Min’ should be set to ‘0’ so that the field is not required
    6. ‘Max’ should be set at the maximum number of people you want to allow to be added (i.e. setting 4 here would really allow 6 people total)
    7. Update the product. This example will display the following on your campsite product page for your customers to utilize: