Add a new campsite product

Create an Accommodation Product

  1. From your owner dashboard, navigate to Products > Add New
  2. Enter a product name (i.e. Full Hookup, 30amp)
  3. In the ‘Product data’ dropdown menu, select ‘Accommodation product’

General Tab

  1. Minimum number of nights allowed in a booking
    • If you require a minimum number of nights per stay for this campsite, enter the value here. Otherwise, leave ‘1’.
  2. Maximum number of nights allowed in a booking
    • Enter the maximum number of nights this campsite can be booked by someone. If you do not enforce a limit, simply input a high number.
  3. Calendar display mode
    • Please leave this setting on ‘Display calendar on click’
  4. Requires confirmation?
    • Please leave this box unchecked.
  5. Can be cancelled?
    • You may check this box if you want to allow your customers to cancel a reservation after purchasing. Please note that refunds will not be sent automatically.
  6. Cancellation up till
    • You may set your timeframe on cancellations if the above box [5] is checked.

Linked Products Tab

  1. You can safely ignore this tab

Attributes Tab

  1. This section is very important. So important, in fact, that there is a separate article which discusses it.

Availability Tab

  1. Number of rooms available
    • If you have multiple campsites with exactly the same attributes, then you can simply input the number available here. If this campsite is unique, then leave this value as ‘1’.
    • You can always come back in and edit this field. For example, if you have 10 of the same type of site available, but an in-person customer arrives at your campground and fills one of them, you can simply come back and adjust this field to 9 rooms available.
  2. Bookings can be made starting ‘X’ into the future
    • Use this setting to give yourself a cushion on bookings, if required. For example, if you don’t want a customer to be able to reserve a spot same-day, change the number value to ‘1’ and select ‘Day(s)’ in the dropdown. This will ensure you receive at least 24 hours notice of any booking. Alternatively, if you leave this set at ‘0’, then someone can make the booking same-day.
  3. Bookings can only be made ‘X’ into the future
    • Similar to [2] above, use this setting to restrict how far into the future someone can book a campsite. For example, if you leave the setting on ‘12 Months’, then the farthest ahead anyone can reserve the campsite is one year.
  4. Restrict start days?
    • This checkbox should be left unchecked in most cases. If checked, it displays an additional setting which allows you to require bookings to begin on specific days.
  5. Range table
    • The range table at the bottom of the Availability tab section allows you to block off certain dates where this campsite cannot be reserved. Detailed instructions on how to use this section can be found in this article.

Rates Tab

  1. Standard room rate
    • Input your standard cost (in USD) for booking the campsite here. No $ symbol is needed.
  2. Display cost
    • You can leave this field blank
  3. Range table
    • The range table at the bottom of the Rates tab section allows you to set different prices for different date ranges. Detailed instructions on how to use this section can be found in this article.

Product Short Description Section

  1. This is where you can add any additional details you like about this particular campsite. You are welcome to leave it blank.

Product Images

  1. On the right-hand side of the product page, you will see a ‘Product image’ section and a ‘Product gallery’ section underneath it. The ‘Product image’ can only contain one image, and is the primary photo for the campsite. Setting a product image is required. You can use the ‘Product gallery’ section to add additional photos of the campsite if desired. Please keep the number of photos to less than 8. Maximum file size is 1.5MB. Photos should accurately reflect the specific campsite in the listing.


  1. Once all of the above have been completed for your campsite, you can click on the ‘Submit for Review’ button. This will send the product to us for review prior to it becoming publicly listed and bookable. Once we verify all of the required fields (particularly the Attributes) have been correctly filled in, we will approve it and your customers will be able to start making reservations.