Manage orders

From your owner dashboard, you can manage orders by clicking on the ‘Orders’ tab.

On the first screen, you will see all of your orders listed with the following information visible:

  • Order number
  • Order status
  • Order date
  • Product
    • The specific campsite that was booked
  • Commission
    • The amount you will receive for the booking
  • Commission status
    • Will show as ‘PAID’ if the commission has been included in a previous payout, or ‘UNPAID’ if you have yet to receive it
  • Paid date
    • If ‘Commission Status’ is ‘PAID’, then this will show the date it was paid to you

You can ignore the ‘Shipping’ and ‘Fulfillment Status’ as they do not apply to accommodation products.

Clicking into an order will display additional details regarding it. The top section is where you’ll find information like the customer’s email address and phone number. Below that shows the specific campsite(s) booked. The right-hand side displays order notes where you can add either a private note to yourself or send a message to the customer.