Camgpround Info FAQ

What is my unique campground profile page URL?

As a campground vendor, you get a custom URL that can be shared by you anywhere you like and links directly to all of your available campsites for booking. The structure is If you do not remember the exact campground name you signed up with, simply let us know and we can provide you with your URL.

How do I keep my campground active on the network?

We periodically review all of our campground vendors to ensure they are maintaining updated listings. In order to remain in good standing and keep your campground listed, we must see that a sufficient number of active listings are available for customers to book. If you do not remain in good standing, your campground will be removed from our network directory.

My campground was reported. What does that mean?

If your campground was reported, it means that a customer identified inaccurate or misleading information on for a campsite of yours they booked. In the communication email you received from us regarding the claim, you will be able to see the reason. The information will need to be corrected immediately or disputed with us by providing further details. If no response is received regarding the claim within 48 hours, your campsite listing will be removed.

Can I dispute an inaccurate review someone left for my campground?

Yes, if there is an inaccurate review left on your campground, please let us know. Only verified customers are permitted to leave reviews, so we will try reaching out to them to understand the cause. If we determine illegitimacy, we will remove the review.

What if I own multiple campgrounds? Can I have more than one vendor account?

Yes. Depending on how you manage your different properties, you can choose to either list them all under a single umbrella account or as separate entities. For separate entities, you will need to submit individual applications for each campground.