Add a booking manually

  1. From your owner dashboard, navigate to Bookings > Add Booking
  • Customer
    • If the customer has not booked with you before, you can leave this field as ‘Guest’. Otherwise, you can select an exisiting customer from the dropdown by starting to type in their name.
  • Bookable Product
    • Select the appropriate campsite you would like to make the booking for.
  • Create Order
    • For new bookings, select the option ‘Create a new corresponding order for this new booking.’ If an order already exists, and you are adding to it (i.e. additional nights for a current customer), select the option ‘Assign this booking to an existing order with this ID:’ and input the appropriate order ID in the field.
  • Click ‘Next’
  1. Input the Start Date and Check-Out Date for the new booking
  2. Click on ‘Add Booking’